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Excel Model That You May Find Useful

July 2, 2012

I am putting on display a model that I built from scratch in order to demonstrate the potential uses made of Excel, or what I like to call “The Accountant’s Best Friend in Software”.

You may make use of this model at your leisure without fee.. just download either from my blog or from my LinkedIn profile.

If you would like to learn more, or if this is helpful to you, just drop me a note.

Excel Financials Model 2012-07

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  1. James Michael Perry permalink

    Thank you, Sir. I am downloading Excel Financials Model 2012-07

  2. Prem Beejan permalink

    Thank you for this model. I am sure many accounting staff will appreciate this.

    • You are quite welcome! Thank you for checking it out! I hope you get good value from it! Let me know any improvements that you have for it!

  3. Michael Sipolo permalink

    Thanks for this

  4. Wei Guo permalink

    i am downloading it, thank you.

  5. Syed Ariff permalink

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for this excel sheet.

  6. Greg permalink

    Thanks…just downloaded it.

  7. Ly Cao Quyen permalink

    Dear mr. Thomas!
    Hope to receive your sharing ivia my email address.
    Thank you so much

  8. Mark permalink

    Hi Paul,
    This is great.

  9. Mohamed permalink

    Hi Payl I found it wonderful

  10. Mustapha permalink

    Paul can you please send me your email to :
    I need you help me on soemthing with your model.

    Best Regards


  11. Thank you, Paul. I am also downloading your model.

  12. Pavlina permalink

    Thank you for inspiration Paul! downloading.. :)

  13. Delroy Williams permalink

    Thanks Paul downloading now.

  14. Kaushik Sharma permalink

    Thanks Paul Just download it..

  15. Thanks Paul. I would like to learn more about it.

  16. Thanks, Paul. A very strong model making great use of Pivots!

  17. T ANIL KUMAR permalink

    Thanks Paul, Will be helpful…

  18. Radostina Dimitrova permalink

    Thank you, Paul! Its very useful!

  19. Thank you Paul. Data and looks great. I’m sure it will be useful

  20. Fantastic! just downloaded the model and changed dates to see it working live. Will spend time understanding it all but looks great!
    Thanks Paul, for sharing this.

  21. Koert permalink

    Thanks Paul

  22. Olufemi permalink

    Thanks, this work promises to help a lot

  23. Inta Abrazone permalink

    Thank you Paul, just downloaded tables, very useful work!

  24. BOL permalink

    Hi PAUL ,Thanks for sharing. Could you please email it and any other useful excel stuffs) to me- my email is BOLADE44@YAHOO.COM?

  25. Matthew Harrison permalink

    Hi! Just downloaded your excel model. I’ve never used excel for financial modelling so I hope this will be a good start to get me over the inertia! Thanks for the help and please do more for my novice mind! Cheers!

  26. mahlaoo permalink

    Thanks. I want to downloade it ,how ?

  27. Kamal Giroti permalink

    Thank you Paul – Very helpful

  28. Martin Majer permalink

    Hi, Paul, many thx for the model, just downloaded it. Let´s work out someting like that for personal and family finance. Got something similar for my family and its very usefull. Am sure that would help to many people to undestand their personal financial situation especially to those w/out financial background.Lets stay in touch.Regards, Martin

  29. REYHAN KÜÇÜK permalink

    Thank you ,its very helpful for me. Do you have a easy budget template ,would you want to share it ?thank you sir

  30. Duncan Mulwa permalink

    Thank you Paul…This is quite a nice tool.

  31. Lynn Williams permalink

    Paul – Awesome Awesome!! I really appreciate you sharing this with me. I also noticed that you said if you would like to learn more to drop you a note. I am dropping you a note.

    Please email me @ Please when you have time.

  32. Thomas Mammen permalink

    Got it…Thank you,sir

  33. Abah Agada permalink

    Thanks a lot i found it very useful

  34. Kwabena Aboagye-Heming permalink

    Thanks. I am downloading the file

  35. Ramesh Kumar permalink

    Dear Mr Paul. realy great and thank you

  36. Rta permalink

    Thank you Paul Iam finding it really useful

  37. Shaul permalink

    Thank you Mr. Paul; just downloading

  38. samuel permalink

    I have downloaded it already and I see its easy to work with…thanks alot

  39. Tariq S Butt permalink

    Thanks Paul.

  40. Ashraf permalink

    Thanks Paul.

  41. Navneet permalink

    Thanks Paul , please drop an email on as i want to learn more.

  42. Nim Vuon Phu permalink

    Thank Paul, I’ve Just download and study later.

  43. Andreas Vassiliou permalink

    Thanks Paul for sharing!

  44. edmond nainggolan permalink

    thanks Paul, I have downloaded it…

  45. Faiz permalink

    thank you Mr. Paul

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